A basic introduction to Legend Car Race

The kinds of car racing that take place all over the world vary in quite a lot. One such variation of car racing is Legends car race. Legends Car race is specifically a particular style of racing car. These cars are utilized in such racing events where cost is a big constraint but the promotion of an exciting race should be unadulterated. The bodies of the cars that are utilized in such races are essentially the replicas of the American Automobiles from the decades of 1930s and 40s. The engines are usually of Yamaha motorcycles.

The body that is responsible for sanctioning of Legends car race is termed as INEX. INEX is the acronym for ‘inexpensive racing’. These cars belong to a ‘spec’ series. This means that the mechanical identities of all the cars are similar. However, three car styles stand out as exception. They are Sedan, 34 Coupe and Standard Coupe. These three styles are available with 10 body styles types. The new cars have been recently offered seven body styles only.

The Legend Car race was originated in the United States. Every year on November, the USA hosts the World Finals for Legend Car race. In the US, there are four divisions of drivers. They are Pro, Masters, Semi-pro and Young Lions. The Pro is for experienced drivers. The Masters is for those who are more than 40 years old. The semi- pro is for those who have driven for less than two years in Legends. The young Lions are between 13 to 16 years old.