A Short History of Ford Company

Ford, which is a short name for the Ford Motor Company is an American automobile global brand. The company has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The Ford Motor Company is more than a century old. It was founded by Henry Ford who laid the foundation stone in the year 1903. Most of its commercial vehicles as well as the civilian vehicles are sold under the brand name of Ford. However, for its luxury vehicles, the company used the brand name of Lincoln. The company has also acquired many other brands from the world. Troller, the Brazilian automobile company was bought by Ford. Also, FPV, the Australian car company is owned by Ford. Ford was also involved in the manufacture of tractors and other utility vehicles along with the automobile components. Ford has stakes in many leading car manufacturers of the world in the countries like China, Thailand, Turkey and Russia.


Ford was the pioneer of the mass production of the cars. It is also credited for encouraging the large-scale management of the industrial workforce. The high quality engineering has been the major drive of this automobile company. In fact, the tricks and techniques used by Ford went on to be called all over the globe as ‘Fordism.’ Ford has acquired a lot of brands since its inception but at the same time has also sold out many. For instance, it has sold its UK subsidiaries Land Rover and Jaguar to the Indian company Tata Motors. Ford is the second largest vehicle manufacturer of United States and fifth largest in the world.