Daytona 500 2016 winners

Daytona 2016 just took place in February, and it was so explosive that everyone is still talking about it. Many new competitors surprised everyone this year, and many old ones proved that they still have what it takes to be winners. If you did not watch the entire race, this is what you need to know:

On Sunday, the famous Denny Hamlin took advantage of every opportunity as it was obvious that he was there to win and he was not going to accept anything less than the title. The result? He won Daytona 500 2016, just a few seconds ahead of Martin Truex Jr.

Once we saw what was the winning difference, it became clear that Denny is not only talented and hardworking but also incredibly lucky! The difference was only 0.011 seconds, the second margin of victory in the history of the competition.

Although many people said that Danny’s victory was just pure luck, the truth is that his entire performance was extraordinary. He was in the lead in 95 laps, more than any other driver, and he knew exactly when to make the final move to win.

Of couse, many intersting things happened during the competition, not only the winning lap. The Elliot’s car developed serious problems and soon after the competition started, it was immobile  on the grass. A few other cars were knocked out of race and a few new drivers proved that they could drive as well as those with experience.