Will NASCAR races be moving to mid-week?

Is one of the biggest car racing organizations, if not the biggest, in the US and every man, woman and child has seen at least one race organized by NASCAR. NASCAR organizes different racing events all year round, some regional and most national. However there is a question on the minds NASCAR management: how do we get a bigger fan base?

One of the ideas is moving the races from weekends to the middle of the week, an idea that has been promoted by some drivers in the past. This may sound like a good idea, only if at least for the summer season in order to avoid sharing the viewing public with other national sports competitions.

However the current NASCAR chairman, Mr. Brian France does not agree with this idea. One of the biggest issue according to him is that unlike in other sports – football, baseball, basketball, etc. –, in racing there’s no home team to come, see and cheer for their team/racer.

Most of the live viewers of racing usually drive 100 or 200 plus miles to come and see the race. Also these people make a 2 day weekend trip out of it. People won’t be able to do the same thing in the middle of a school or work week so the only persons left in the audience will be diehard fans and people with a lot of free time on their hands. Mr. France’s concern is that racing may lose more fans this way that gaining any extra.