Denny Hamlin fails post race inspection

Despite Denny Hamlin shining in the Xfinity and Monster Energy Cup Series, NASCAR (The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) categorized both wins as hampered. This was due to Hamlin’s 500 race cars’ illegitimate mechanical set-up. The officers took the cars’ rear deferments to the Research and Development Center of NASCAR. Despite being the record setter for both races, the race driver for Joe Gibbs will not be awarded the five plus points made for raising the championship flag in the race. The bonus points can usually be used during final competitions. Hamlin is, therefore, barred from obtaining the points.

From the NASCAR’s sentence reports, the race team failed to comply to the law whereby the vehicle’s rear wing spacer should be in full contact with the corresponding partner faces from all view points. This is the furthest NASCAR has gone in barring a winner that does not meet all the laws for check-ups done in the after-race scrutiny. The league has a long-lived rule of not banning winners found with mistakes. Instead, they choose to seriously charge them fiscally.

Mike Wheeler, Hamlin’s main crewman was fined $50,000 for postponing two races. Furthermore, his Xfinity team’s head, Eric Philips, was fined $25,000 for deferring two races. Apart from Hamlin, NASCAR also declared Joey Logano’s number 22 team cars that completed the race in the 2nd position in the Xfinity race as disqualified. He was found with the same car illegality as Hamlin’s. Logano’s win is thus banned, having his main crewman Greg Erwin deferring two races. He has been fined $25,000.

In July, Hamlin had received access for cup play offs after winning at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He stands 4th in the sequence points, making 34 points in front of Brad Keselowsli who was in the 5th position. Hamlin said that it is ill-fated that the blunder happened. He said that when they began the race, every one of the car’s technicalities was fine and that it was beyond their control that mud got in there and made things loosen up so badly.