Ducati’s New 2016 MotoGP

Ducati is a motorcycle brand name synonymous with excellence. They’ve been making quality motorcycles since the 1950’s, and have evolved to have a well-earned reputation for power and performance for their products. Racing has been a big part of their marketing initiatives since the 1950’s, as “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” was a slogan showing how top finishes in competition could motivate sales to the general public. The company has certainly been successful, accumulating 318 wins in the Superbike World Championship and more victories in the Supersport World Championship, British Superbike Championship, and FIM Superstock 1000 Championship.

To maintain this legacy of success, Ducati must always be on the cutting edge of engineering with what they put on the track. For 2016, their Desmosedici GP Bike definitely lives up to those lofty expectations. It looks beautiful and has world class acceleration and handling. For this year’s model, the Ducati team made a point that they were able to fit in two official test rides, which allowed them to make some much needed adjustments that will maximize success in races (they were not able to do this in 2015, and made those changes to the bike over time).

Sports franchises with a long history of championships know that past success does not guarantee victories in the present or future. This has been true for the Ducati team, which has not won a race since the Australian Grand Prix in 2010. But, with an excellent new bike and the proper adjustments already made, they are primed to repeat history and bring the Ducati name back to prominence on the racetrack.