Superbike Race Champion!

This year was a historic one for the Superbike race. This was the 50th annual race. People in the industry did not even think there would be fifty of these races, but they thought wrong. 

On this amazing occasion, it was Josh Hayes who stole the victory. His strategy was to get going early, and that is exactly what he did. He started in the back, but he soon was in second before anyone could notice him moving. Soon after, he took the number one spot, and that was it; the people on the track and off the track knew the race was over. 

Josh Hayes has worked extremely hard for this race. He had his mind-set on winning and nothing less. He had great trainers around him and great people who continued to push him forward. 

Josh Hayes is more than happy to win this race. Even if he never wins another race, this was worth it. However, he does plan to win more races. He wants to get involved with better bikes and better race stages. 

Josh Hayes is another racer with great sportsmanship. He gave praise to his opponents for a good race. He hopes to race with these individuals again. He said these individuals are as great off the track as they are on the track. 

Josh Hayes hopes to continue to climb in numbers. He has a desire to hold the number one spot in the entire motorcycle industry. Many believe in him, but many think it is too soon.