The Isle of Man

This race is called the world's deadliest motorcycle race. It has been held annually for over one hundred years.
The Isle of Man is a place between Great Britain and Ireland, with a population of 84,000 people.
Even though it's a small place, it looks amazing, has a beautiful scenery and landscapes.

It attracts motorcycle racers every year, from all over the world, and of course the fans of motorcycle race.
What is really attractive for the motorcycle riders is The Snaefell Mountain Course, but unfortunately it has taken many lives over the last century.

Last year it took two lives, and it took 242 people in general, so no wonder it is the deadliest motorsport race in the world.
Why is it so dangerous out there, many people wonder. The problem is, over the past one hundred years, competition has become much stronger, and motorcycles have become much faster.

Speed is something they keeps them going, raises their adrenaline, so the whole point for them is - the faster the bikes get, the more dangerous the race becomes, and it is exciting for them, and for their fans.

Racers here do compete against each other, but what is a bigger goal for them is to defeat the danger of the race, because it is often said that whoever finishes it, is a winner, because completing it without hurting yourself or dying is really a big thing.

You can still hear people today wondering why does it even exist, and there have been some attempts to stop it, but unfortunately, but it wasn't successful.