Valentino Rossi – different helmets for MotoGp Grand Prix

When Valentino arrives in Tuscany he is always more than welcome because he always wants to do something amazing and special for the crowd back in his hometown. When it comes to helmets Valentino likes to change them every year, and that’s why he works with Aldo Drudi, who is an artist and who designs special helmets for him.

We will now take a look back at his helmets that he used for the Italian MotoGp Grand Prix. First time he wore one was back in 1999, and this helmet was really special to him and he applied it to his Aprilia 250cc machine.

The point of it was to give support to love and to peace, which unfortunately didn’t help him too much because he ended up sixth.
Then in 2001, Valentino Rossi got rid of his former helmet and decided to take a new one which looked like theme from Hawaii.

This helmet obviously brought more luck to this amazing sportsman, but unfortunately it didn’t last for too long because rain stopped the race.
He still managed to finish it and he ended up second which was a great result. Still he decided not to use this helmet ever again.

Next year we saw see totally different helmet, which Valentino wore because of his father Graziano. The design he used was the one his father used during his successful career as a racer.
This helmet definitely brought him luck, since he managed to win the race.

In 2003, he wanted to be patriotic, so that’s why he decided to adopt the blue from the football team from Italy, and he also added his number and his surname across the rear and the crown. He won the race.