Vespa 946 Emporio Armani

When people think about motorcycles some of them will not think of Vespa, because they think that it is not exclusive or fancy enough for them.
Well the situation is now totally different, because this company has joined forces with Giorgio Armani, because they wanted to create and produce something that will look elegant and classy and something that will remain timeless.

When you think about Italy you think about the style and fashion, so you shouldn’t be surprised once you see what these geniuses created. 
This collaboration mixed the latest design and combined it with Armani’s touch and created something impeccable. 

Here you can see a dark shade of matte gray and also little bit of green which you cannot see immediately, but only under certain lighting conditions.
When you put together these colors you are not getting a typical scooter, but something that is both trendy and retro at the same time.
When it comes to those metal parts they used galvanic treatments and also satin finish because they wanted to make a contrast.

When it comes to scooter’s specifications we can tell you that it has a 4 stroke 125cc engine, double disk brakes, aluminum cylinder and large twelve inch wheels.
Now that you know some information about this vehicle, we must warn you that it is a limited edition release and that you can find it only in major cities.
So if you want to buy one you better hurry up. Even though we don’t know the exact price, we’ve heard that it will not be expensive.