Rapidfire heated jacket liner from motorcyclegadgets.com

Motorcycle Gadgets have always been characterized as being on the cutting edge. Being at the forefront of what bikers need and demand, they are capable of supplying the demand in the market.  This is how the Powerlet rapidFIRE heated jacket liner came to be. 

First, it is important to mention that this heated jacket provides comfort but without the annoying heating wires.  The kit includes the liners and other accessories.  These liners are fairly small; it can fit easily on the bike when not in use. 

The Technology

As stated before, the technology behind this heated kit does not involve those annoying wires. These kits have a special way of making the rapidFIRE jacket one of the best available. Instead of wires, rapidFIRE uses the latest in Carbon Nanotube technology.

In simple words, this technology allows the jacket to provide warmth throughout all the points of the jacked equally. There are no more burning spots or hot spots. 

Plugging in your jacket into the cabin is not necessarily one that will drain your moto battery. This jacket may be programmed to charge up to 60%.  This is very helpful and avoids draining your bike's battery. 

Other Characteristics

The rapidFIRE heated jacket liner is very light and almost imperceptible when worn. This versatility makes it easier to carry in the pocket.  

This receiver stays comfortably inside your jacket, just in case it is needed. The liner is very comfortable to wear.  

Some other important features include:

  1. Dual Heat 105 / 60 Watt convertibility.
  2. Wind and water resistant Polyurethane coated nylon outer shell. 
  3. ProForm stretch panels. 
  4. Ultra-thin and of small storage. 
  5. Comfortable heated Polarity fleece collar that wicks moisture. 
  6. Handy built in stuff-sack allows for storage on the vehicle. 
  7. Unique sleeve finishing reduces bulk around wrists.
  8. Glove connectors at the ends of the sleeves.