Riding jeans from Pando Moto

For too long, motorcyclists haven’t had a pant suitable to be worn both on and off the bike. There have been plenty of options which maximized safety and functionality but looked hideous, or at the very least inappropriate for any sort of professional setting. Additionally, there were more stylish options but those sacrificed durability and protection.


Enter Pando Moto.


Pando Moto is a Lithuanian company creating some of the best and most stylish riding pants on the market. They’re known for their incredible attention to detail and for using top-of-the-line material.


Their pants use Cordura denim for extra stretch, Coolmax fabric for moisture wicking, and have Kevlar lining. The company also works with Dyneema, an impressive fabric which is 50 times stronger than steel. The jeans also include external pockets for removable heavy-duty knee pads. The men’s line is called Karl Black and the women’s line is called Rosie Black.


Pando Moto’s pants aim to fit perfectly without being too restrictive or rigid. They do this in two ways. First, by including an accordion panel in the knee and back of the waist band helps the fabric contour to the thigh. Second, by tapering the lower half of the leg, it avoids air to rush up the legs while riding. Those accordion panels also help avoid excessive wear and tear by not forcing the fabric to overextend.


In addition to a great look and feel, these pants are incredibly durable and suitable for all weather. Though they have the type of ruggedness expected from riding pants, they’re also breathable as a resort of the Coolmax fabric.


Currently the jeans retail for approximately $200 depending on the style. Shipping is free for orders over $240